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In today’s global manufacturing market you can’t afford a broken supply chain, and as result, having your brand image hurt, as well as the trust your customers put in you.

It is important to choose a transport packaging materials and solutions supplier that offers you consistent service, assures you of availability, high quality, and short delivery times to keep your supply and logistics chain running smoothly. That’s where Eltete comes in. You can rely on us to do our best, to prevent costly delays that could put your business at risk.


We assure the availability of what you need

Global supply chains are essential to the worldwide economy. Following the actual economic situation in the world, and in response to increasing demands for sustainable and cost-effective transport packaging solutions to replace traditional, unsustainable, and expensive materials, Eltete TPM needed to be prepared to attend to the demand and to continue its commitment to its customers.

Thanks to our large inventory and production capacity as well as our reliable raw material suppliers we are ready to attend to the needs of our customers that will ensure the continuous supply for their logistics chain.


We deliver what you expect

Customer expectations are rising, so companies are demanding higher quality from their suppliers. Eltete TPM takes quality control seriously, and that is why we are well-known in the packaging world for the strength and high quality of our transport packaging materials and solutions.

Our quality lies in the careful selection of raw materials with a long fiber structure and a special production method. The result leads to extraordinary products with unbeatable strength values.

The general raw material is all carton based and the glue used is water-soluble, complying with hygiene standards even for the most demanding sectors, such as the food industry. In response to the requirements of supply chains for improved quality, Eltete TPM is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company and our products comply with several European standards, and with the international standards for phytosanitary measures.

Eltete - ISO 9001:2015 certified company

Based on a careful study of each application, we can design an optimal and high-quality packaging solution to meet the needs of strength and other requirements, avoiding customers complaints and working efficiently throughout the logistics chain. Read more about our quality and raw materials. 


We find the best solution to fit your needs and budget

Costs have always been critical, and with the ongoing global economic crisis, companies from all sectors are being forced to look for economic transport packaging solutions while carrying on with their path of delivering goods without damage, and on time.

Every cycle of the supply chain has a cost. One of the opportunities to have logistic costs reduced is using Eltete TPM transport packaging solutions and materials because you will:

Minimize wasting of space

by loading more in a container

Loading container with Slip Sheets

Minimize packaging material

by protecting goods with optimal solutions

package with carton based lid

Minimize freight costs

by using lightweight packaging material

Pallruns attached directly to corrugated boxes

Minimize recycling costs

by using sustainable packaging material

PallRun warehousing - Eltete

Our solutions are 100% recyclable and accepted anywhere in the world. You won’t need to spend money on heat treatment or fumigation or take the risk to have your pallet in quarantine for missing a compliance stamp. Read more about how you can have huge savings using sustainable transport packaging solutions.


We keep transparency during the entire process

Reliable, on-time deliveries have become increasingly critical. The Eltete TPM team can count on an organizational system that ensures our customers receive the estimated delivery time of delivery in advance. We have been able to supply all our customers with reliability and precision and we will work continuously to do so in the future.


We ensure 100% recyclable packaging materials 

Last, but not least, we offer sustainability. Due to the continuous cost increases in the logistics chain, companies are striving to be more cost-effective. Because of this, it is important to have a supplier, that will always offer 100% recyclable packaging materials without any doubts regarding its sources, components, or production. Our motto, 3R-Reduce, Replace, Recycle, lead us to use less material and transportation, which ultimately has a positive impact on reducing carbon footprint. Learn more about our Environmental policy

Eltete TPM-Product circle-reduce replace recycle

At Eltete, we are always committed to delivering on time, and availability of high-quality and 100% recyclable transport packaging solutions that result in significant cost savings, environment preservation, and customer satisfaction. You can rely on our team of experienced and well-connected experts and professionals, to ensure that your orders are on time, helping you to keep your supply and logistics chain working efficiently.

Contact us today.

Thanks to our numerous production sites and sales network, Eltete can serve you globally. Contact us, and we will have our local expert assist you in finding what solution is best for you.

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